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Rich Homie Quan - You Not (Young Thug, Birdman Diss?)

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Rich Homie Quan Young Thug Diss? At 1:39
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Tidal is owned by Jay Z, Beyonce,Kanye West,Alicia Keys, J. Cole, Arcade Fire, Calvin Harris, Chris Martin, Daft Punk, Jack White, Dead Mouse,Madonaa, Usher & Rihanna. Read more: Would you pay $20 a month to stream music?
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Sorry Dr. Dre, the Real Beats Billionaire Is Jimmy Iovine

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Beats co-founder Dr. Dre appeared in a video boasting of becoming the "first billionaire in hip hop." Bloomberg's Peter Newcomb examined whether or not that would be true. (Source: Bloomberg)
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Suge Knight Breaks Down These Industry Suckers (True Or False)

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I Agree with Suge On This, Trust Me I Go Thru The Same Thing With These Industry Sucka's Hate Me All Day But They Respect Me. Keep The Fake Love. M.Reck Peace Salute To Suge Knight On Them Gems. SUGE KNIGHT How To Gain Respect
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Professor Griff and Zaza Ali discuss Lynchings in America

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Prof. Griff and Zaza Ali join U.G.R. Radio to disucss the history of Lynching in America.
Added: March 30, 2015 3:37 pm godfrey

Godfrey Goes In On Heckler

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Just when you thought he was a cool black guy. He snapped and went hood on his ass.
Added: March 30, 2015 2:37 pm durant

Kevin Durant Talks His Top Five, the Hardest Players to Guard

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KD keeps it real, talks Black History, his Top 5, media and more.
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Charlamagne on Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj Becoming a Power Couple @Cthagod

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Via Vladtv
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Intoxicated Female Passed Out in the Middle of the Freeway (Lucky)

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Intoxicated Female Passed Out in the Middle of the Freeway
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Alonzo Mourning: Michael Jordan Would Average 'Almost 50' Points in the NBA Today

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Alonzo Mourning joins Katie to talk about his famous mean-mugging, Michael Jordan's game, and partying with teammates.
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The 5-Step Program For Racists Seeking Redemption

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The fraternity member from the racist University of Oklahoma SAE chant video that went viral, Levi Pettit, recently said he was sorry for his actions. Why do white people think meeting with local pastors mean something? We don't trust those sell out either.
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HTC Launches M9 Phone

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Samsung is out with the Galaxy S6, and rival HTC is kicking off pre-orders for the M9, reports CNBC's Jon Fortt.
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Mayweather Sr: Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Envy Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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Floyd Mayweather Sr responds to Mike Tyson and discuss hate in America.
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Escaped Gorilla Bathroom Prank!

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I would swing before I run. That's just me though!
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@TamarBraxton Crying On Tv Cause @ChrisBrown Called Her A Muppet (Dam)

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Tamar Braxton Crying On Tv Cause Chris Brown Called Her A Muppet.The ladies get REAL about their own experiences with “mean girls,” and give their fans advice on how to stand up to bullying. ,
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Orlando Anderson Was A Pawn' - Mopreme Shakur On The Murder Of Tupac Shakur

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Many people don't know Mopreme rappers on Tony Toni Tone song 'Feels Good'
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Coney Island Cyclone Gets Stuck On First Public Ride Of Season

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Coney Island reopened Sunday, but the Cyclone wasn’t quite ready for the season. In its first public ride of the year, the 88-year-old thrill ride got stuck about 10 feet from the top. Photos and video from the scene show workers helping the approximately two dozen riders walk down to safety on a small walkway that lines the track. They had been stranded for 10 to 15 minutes.
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Michael Jordan Still Playing Basketball and Trash Talking

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Michael Jordan in his natural habitat, his gut slightly protruding from his white tank top, hooping it up with Tom Brady and Keegan Bradley. Oh, and of course, calling for an and-one on a fadeaway jumper and proceeding to talk shit.