Skylar Diggins Naked Picture?

lil wayne is stalking her, chris brown is hawking her. now a picture has come out of “skylar” naked. she goes on twitter and says the picture is not her. but you can hit the jump and judge for yourself. her or not? you decide!

April 16, 2011


  • Black Ink

    does look like her, kinda tell by her hands and that dark ring around her mouth. i dont see what the big deal is about her tho..she aight..but now that celebs are trying to get at her..her stock is gone way up.

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  • Doctor Death

    Pass…i like girly girls. Quit hyping up shit that celebrities say like they got the best taste in everything…i guarantee you if Chris Brown or Lil Wayne never mentioned this chick, nobody would be checking her out like that. She iight!

  • Eastside

    U can tell by her hairline its not her and othee shit

  • nunya

    Def not her! We from the same town and she wouldn’t do that shit!

  • RP4EVR


    Def not her! We from the same town and she wouldn’t do that shit!

    OK so because your from the same town as somebody that means they wouldnt get butt nekid?? Get otta here with that dumbass statment

  • Todd

    I think it’s her. She’s gripping those domes the EXACT same way she grips the roundball. I just can’t believe it. Skylar is a freak, just like the rest. :-/

  • kwame lewis

    who ever posted this aint nothing good ever coming to you.

  • sambilly

    she has the big rear of a black girl and thighs too but the boobs dont look like a blacks boobs , to nice and round but what makes the differance if it is her or not i think she needs to be happy that pepole get to look at the nice big ass and boobs ,, bet it has the black buck boys hopeing to get ahold of some of dat oh she fine or , she light or other black comments

  • sambilly

    who ever put her pictures up [ thanks ] it looks just like her if she says not ,,put her neked pictures on so i can compare and see if she is that good or if not ,, easy way to prove it is her or not ,,,, i bet it is or she wish,es it was

  • WOW!
  • bklyn ox

    nice tits sky,i need that pic for my screen saver

  • g unit undaboss

    Nice I wana smell them feet after that full court game

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