Damn! She Got Some Thick Thighs! [Pics]

nothing like some thick sexy legs and thighs! enjoy!


March 31, 2012


  • http:/forbez/ point

    All i can say is whoa

  • al.p

    All of em but 1 n 7 r tops

  • http://forbezdvd.com playa

    all but 1 & 7! SERIOUSLY…are U scared of a lil ass, some thick legs & maybe, just maybe a FAT ASS PUSSY…to go with it or are U just some FAGGOT MF! the only one on herre that needs to be disqualified is that white bitch #3 with the CELLULITE….DUMB-ASS

  • Go BedStuy

    Lord i will put my nose dead in the crack of their asses

  • Go BedStuy

    Word is Born i will finish all of them…speacially since im drinking this Brugal Dominican Rum

  • http://forbezdvd g unit undaboss


  • Fuck U Think!

    Some niggas that comment on this site gotta be bi-sexual, and leaning more to the homo side. 1 and 7 a get the business on any day. I agree with, Playa. Where we differ, tho. Is that, that white bitch a get it too! Anyone of these chics, in no particular order a get tooken to BANGKOK, if you know what i mean. White girl a be last, but she gone still get it. I’ve fuxd worst.

  • http://forbezdvd.com/blog/2011 L.J.Hawkins

    All these chicks can get it , all period nuff said. Think dude is trying to say he likes them all and 1 and 7 r his top choice if not and he going the other way stay off the site and come out the closet

  • Biggluminati

    Good quality on these thick mamis.

  • Da Va Don

    Ill take em all believe that

  • chava

    Where the heck are this hot thicked women at, they make me so hot.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/cream-of-beats Cream of Beats

    No one noticed the Photoshop liquid effect on the last chick? The column all bent in right behind her ass? Seriously???

  • Fjustice7

    I love me a thickness woman

  • PoppySeed

    OMG beautiful! No homo. I love their legs and booty. Surgery here I come!!

  • http://twitter.com/titanpaul21x Titan Paul

    Who is the last woman in the blue jeans dress? Any one out there with any info who she is! Thank You! :)))

  • tallsmile28 .

    That last photo has got be photoshopped.

  • american spring

    #7 the best one

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