BBBW! Big Beautiful Black Women! [Pics]

how many of you like these types of women?

July 31, 2012


14 Responses to “BBBW! Big Beautiful Black Women! [Pics]”

  1. Walky says:

    love full figured women

  2. g unit undaboss says:

    I do dammit pic 1 and the last pic!!! Yo whoever got netflix watch snow on da bluff that shit is FIRE Str8 real hood shit I watched 5x Str8 a must see movie

  3. West 4th says:

    true story I fucked #1 many times when she was not as heavy.
    the pussy is mid grade but the head is horrible!!! 2 outta 10..
    homegirl been a diehard hoe since highschool but mad cool tho.
    her tiddys was that size when she was 100 Lbs. smaller.
    now they dont look that fat since the rest of her caught up to them.
    all it take is to burn some plants to get her outta her pants

  4. prime says:

    where is dis west 4th?

  5. g unit undaboss says:

    I could believe it cause that last bitch b on backpage

  6. R-PICKS says:


  7. @cantjustgowithit says:

    They tricked me thought it was gonna be a bunch of fat white bitches that’s rt I said it©

  8. kane says:

    no.2 has potential but the rest? more like big and uuuuugly! :(

  9. al.p says:

    1st chick

  10. #Bc says:

    dem some thick gurrls!

  11. lenny baldwin says:

    I think these women are so sexy and beautiful I luv a full figured black women like these ladies the so much a turn on for me.

  12. biggirlluva says:

    God knows,I love a girl with meat on her bones! Dam dems a lotta girl! Dats sum gud eatin

  13. fran tivol says:

    Hummmmmmmm !

  14. ItalianMan 4 A XXy Chubby Sis says:

    I’m Seeking 2 Meet A Single [Or A Cheating] Sista For A Long Time Relation[ Marriage n A Family]Ship. I Just Fell In Love W/ Those XXy BBW Sistas In Photos 1,2,3,4,5,6,& 7……I Dated A Few XXy BBW Sistas In the Past That’s Y I Like Section.

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