Describe This Picture Of Dr.Dre And Stalley In 5 Words Or Less

tupac was right

October 21, 2012


  • King Hash


  • Hugh Defner

    Gay…really really really gay

  • RellGotBeatzz

    lmao this shit made my day

  • Altaquan

    Dre looking like he want to bend money over with the tight pants on not a good look n#ggaz dont even look like rappers no more Stalley look like an arabian follower from a cave or hillside

  • Dr. Ameena Akeem

    ALL YOU niggaz that commented some “gay” shit
    really really really need to get them dicks off your homophobic
    ass minds especially Altaquan smh you niggaz feminine

  • Sp

    Dre lookin like he only got six weeks left lol

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