Check Out These Sexy Dark Skinned Women! [Pics]

not like i don’t want to post more ofter, but it’s not too many dark models out there!

when i come across them, i post them! enjoy!

Bria’s ass just eating that outfit…..


<p>TJ’s *****Thick Thursday******

October 28, 2012



    u Could have found better dark joints than this. Only Bria and numbers 2 and 9 look good.

  • Rajo1

    Ugly bytches. Bria Myles thick but still too dark fo me.

  • b4world

    u idiots r dumb as fuck,especially is u r black ur selves,not one of these women in them pics r ugly,they r probably better looking than any bitch,u self hating faggets have ever been in bed with,broke white loving bastards.

  • Zeebo

    Self hating asses…. they all look good. Rajo1ank fake thug bundles…get ur homo asses outta here

  • Troll Almighty

    Nice post numbers 1 and to can get it raw

  • Jamal Brown

    only number 3

  • The B

    Look at the feet on the bitch in the 4th pic. DAMN!!! I’d suck the shit out of em!!!!

  • #Bc

    ^fuck this nigga.

  • #Bc

    i got stuck at 5

  • Rajo1

    Suk my dick.

  • PDQ30

    Great Thread I usually go with Bria but I’m rolling with no. 1 don’t sleep on no. 6 tho she have a lot of bangin pix online

  • MFOgunloye

    I love this post all the ladies are beautiful, keep the dark skin post going, forget the haters!!

  • OG Miles

    All Beautiful as hell!..ill even take that last chick! lol

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