Vanessa Veasley Is Sexy! [Pics]

her booty ain’t all that big. but overall her frame is nice.

November 18, 2012


5 Responses to “Vanessa Veasley Is Sexy! [Pics]”

  1. Rajo1 says:

    No ass= useless.

  2. Keno says:

    she has a nice butt and face. I like this no doubt.

  3. thatharlemswag says:

    that ass will still look good when she 40, she good money. I like ass like that, big ass is good when they’re young, disgusting when they get older if they don’t keep it tight.

  4. american spring says:

    yea she aight is just that if she had a booty and not wearing a weave she will looked a lot better

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