Kim Kardashian Gets Ether’d On Facebook!

she’s right

November 19, 2012


7 Responses to “Kim Kardashian Gets Ether’d On Facebook!”

  1. Nwksince71 says:

    So i guess the truth really hurts cause that’s all she did.

  2. Bank Aaron says:

    She was born “rich” end of story.

  3. bezz says:

    TRUUU! in my 2chainz voice!

  4. R-PICKS says:

    She played the game well. Now shes a celebrity, cant hate on the game. Peeps will get upset but the girl knows how to make a name of herself and pay the phone bill

  5. JRLMMUSIC says:

    The hate is strong………in the public.. whew

  6. Ausar says:

    I see these dick ridin niggas always quick to call people who state the facts “A Hater”
    Fact is this smut has no idea what working hard to achieve a goal is like she was born rich & Ray J’s dick made her n her fam famous. Nobody should be able to relate to her “Success story” & if u some how do then your just a better dick sucker than she was in that sex tap she worked so hard to put together.

  7. FeverFromDaBronx says:

    Kim Kardashian Wakes Up Early Every Morning Just Like Everybody Else…..I Mean Sh$t…..It Takes Somebody Speacial To Reconize Somebody Speacial…..The Shot Callers In Hollywood Can Spot A Person That Got That Glow In A Room Full Of People…..I Put Kim Kardashian In The Same Catergory As Marilyn Monroe…..If You Think Celebrities Are Successful Because Of Their Hardwork…..You Are Dead Wrong…..It All Starts With Personality N Appearance…..Hardwork Comes After They Are Satisfied With Your Image…..I Watched A Movie Today ” Just Because Joanna Going ” Was In It

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