Based Off One Picture: Wifer Her? Or One Night Her?

big booty

what you think?

January 2, 2013


  • Shockington

    I’m cuffin’ nat…

  • guest


  • Troll Almighty

    1 night

  • BxBully

    I’ll marry “that ass”

  • Derek Moultrie

    wifey all day

  • Rajo1

    Deffly not only 1 night I’ll tell yu that much…

  • sami


  • Capizzi808

    I dont want relations, I just want one night.

  • Demetrus Payne


  • madenny45

    my intensions wud b 1 nite but i’ll prolly get stuck wit dat ass

  • dolo

    cant choose a wifey based on looks so one night her till i see wat her personality like

  • Von Weatherspoon

    Chuuch…but I’d couldn’t give that ass just one night…unless she’s just bat shit cray :-/

  • Kihmx

    It’d b more than one nite but she damn sure aint gettin no ring outta me!

  • Yola Ghenda



    I’d show her I’m gonna wife her, lead her on for bout 3-4 months. BALLS DEEP and then leave her ass

  • bobbydynomite

    Y’all must be smoking wet to wife her, she is 2 Thanksgiving dinner from being the size of precious. Her ass is already a size 16. Stop looking at light skim and pretty hair and wanna fuck.

  • PDQ30

    I wouldn’t wife her but id hit more than once she would b one of my main jumps

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