Be Honest! Would You Hit This Bald Headed Chick @SincerreLemmore? #97 [Pics]

what you think? who would smash? i remember many of you saying you don’t like short haired chicks

January 3, 2013


15 Responses to “Be Honest! Would You Hit This Bald Headed Chick @SincerreLemmore? #97 [Pics]”

  1. R-PICKS says:

    Hail naww!!! Sexy hair is as important as the breast n’ ass over here

  2. RellBaltimore1 says:

    hell no she aint too attractive….

  3. Tim says:

    Lls i fucks wit forbez for the “would you hit questions” those shits be funny and nah i cant do nothing wit her sorry,that bitch fade sharp tho

  4. ICEE says:

    Bitch looks like Brian Dawkins…

  5. RellBaltimore1 says:

    LMFAO like a MF!

  6. Troll Almighty says:

    Bitch look a little like Scottie Pippen hahaha. But she still a female and she kinda sexy so hell yea but i’ma be out before she wakes up and scares the shit outta me

  7. I AM! says:

    Hell to da NAWL! She look like, Scottie Pippen’s drunk, transexual uncle. FUCK NO!

  8. Shockington says:

    I’m beatin… Whenever she call N’ i’m not busy, i’m beatin… When i wanna avoid beatin my dick, i’m beatin… IDGAF, i’ma NY nigga thats straight slime, not tht blood shyt either. Fuk her hair, she got pink between ‘er legs n great skin

  9. Bantch looks like Scottie Pippen in the face….No Sir…I don’t like it! *Horse of Ren n Stimpy voice*

  10. trinidad jerome says:

    yea i’d hit dat bitch… wit my mothafuckin fist

  11. Van Sertima says:

    niggas really have no clue.. she’s a old school porn star. i’d beat… twice.

  12. PDQ30 says:

    Don’t look bad but not my type

  13. Kevin Ballard says:

    Sure would

  14. Ron Brown says:

    I sure would. What’s her porn name?

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