Based Off One Picture: Wife Her? Or One Night Her? [Pics]

what you think?


January 4, 2013


  • Shockington

    im cuffin ova any1 a dem stripper bitches u b postin’…

  • alskis45


  • B4world

    I would wife her,she looks so buff n beautifull,

  • Troll Almighty

    NIgga give me 3 nights with the bitch

  • Bahamas

    natural goddess bredren, we got em like this in The Bahamas

  • i gotta believe

    me and my master onion chop master will run a one night train on her

  • PDQ30

    More of a wifey look but still an attn whore

  • corcheezy215

    she is a scripper u dumbass, that is her stage costume

  • Shockington

    no u not gettin my point dumb ass, why would i wanna wife a stripper…

  • HiDEFtheBasedGod

    Of course you would, ol save a bitch ass nigga. Lame bitch boy. Even if you was flashin a stack, a whore wouldn’t blow u with a condom, trick.

  • Iceman

    What’s a scripper? At least spell check before you post a comment. Blacks should just go away

  • Kevin Ballard


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