Is She Too Thick For You? [Pics]

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Added by January 25, 2013

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  • Mouse

    You not a real nigga if you think she too thick for you. She can get it bruh

  • Don

    Of course!

  • Wayne

    Scumptious!! Not bad at all!

  • Dr. Drummond Bass

    Super bad


    reality is you thirsty niggaz have made monsters outta hoes like her.
    I betchu every time she walks out the door at least 10 hungry niggaz try to holla daily.
    aint no way you cant tell her shes not gods gift to mankind.
    aint no way you cant tell her her pussy aint more valuable than your dick.
    in her arrogant delusioned mind she honestly believes you should risk your life,
    your freedom, and spend every hard earned dollar on her because her ass & tiddys are big. truth be told she might’a aint bathed or washed a dish in days,probably cant cook a grilled cheese sandwich without burning the whole building down stinkin up the place and she might be BROKE..
    I dont want her I dont need her.. she needs me

  • Ruby Red

    Your a fucking weirdo dude….seriously.

  • PDQ30

    she just right, bitch got mad pix on instagram she sexy ass hell

  • sean

    absoloutley beautifull

  • The B

    I just wanna see her feet!

  • MFOgunloye

    She’s not too thick at all the broad is just right!!- Can someone let the broad know I’m a Gemini, that means a double dose of this loving!!

  • Don

    whats her name on instagram?


    Ruby Red
    YES!! I am a weirdo……part owl….part elephant….
    you my freind are a sheep….or maybe even cattle……
    now wash your hands……say grace….and lets eat

  • RellBaltimore1

    youre a fuckin clown lol. all that shit is irrelevant!! Were only commenting on how she looks in the damn picture… nigga relax


    yep Im a clown and you are a monkey in this circus known as life.
    I take my wig and makeup off and put on a suit and tie and booty fuck
    yo mama but you sir will indeed remain a monkey ass out eatin shit trapped.. would you like deez nuttz salted or roasted?

  • RellBaltimore1

    my mom has been dead for some years now so thats pretty impossible. 2, I’m a full time hvac tech fresh out of college takin care of 2 kids and I have a nice crib… Far from trapped. And what type of man asks another man ” how you like dese nuts “?that’s pretty gay in my books. Faggot ass clown

  • Keysersoze301

    If you she is too thick for you, you prolly not workin wit shit. If thats her hair she is a solid 8, 8.5

  • rodneychris507


  • rodneychris507

    Hes right!100%Everything he just said a 100%accurate!

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