Miss Koi Is Top 5 Dead Or Alive Baddest Chicks [Pics]


say i’m lying!!


January 28, 2013


  • http://www.facebook.com/jamal.brown.14 Jamal Brown

    i wouldnt say top 5 probaly top 10

  • PDQ30

    I wouldn’t say top 10 id say top 25 but she a bad bitch with a real ass

  • The B

    I need to see her feet first before I can judge

  • http://twitter.com/KillAcneFast THELORD

    Filthy dirty black nigger……i raped your mother. Now go out, wear a stupid coloured bandana and kill more of your own nigger people. Get rid of yourselves niggers.

  • James Jones

    Why do dumbass Crackas come on websites that have material that deals predominantly with black entertainers and black issues to make racist comments. Black people don’t go on websites tailored towards crackas and make stupid ass comments. When will crackas find something better to do. Leave black people alone , if we all died you would all kill yourselves to come to where we at so you could tell us how much you hate us. Fucking morons

  • Gizzzle

    You is a bitch shut your punk ass up with all that racist shit.

  • Akbar

    Gizzle you keep takin the bait dumb nigga THELORD is not white
    he’s a nigga just a tad bit smarter than you mind fucking the penny candy outta your punk ass

  • don king

    man just ignore these internet racist. they only get a boner if u send an angry response. the bitch is super bad!

  • MFOgunloye

    That cake is Duncan Hines, she’s bad I’d keep her!!

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