Gucci Mane Teaching School Kids LOL


January 30, 2013


9 Responses to “Gucci Mane Teaching School Kids LOL”

  1. that_ninja says:

    Gucci Mane is actually an intelligent dude.

    Gucci Mane teaching a class is more realistic than M. Reck ever doing shit with his life or Doggie Diamonds getting an interview that’s relevant. yall niggas faggots. it’s sad that black ppl feel that a hip hop gossip blog site is an accomplishment. lol

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  3. Fuck What U Think says:

    What are u doing on this site if its not worth anything u created an avatar to be able to drop comments. At least niggas making moves what the fuck u doing with your life

  4. R-PICKS says:

    Depends what he is actually teaching them, could be trying to create ambition and encourage perseverance

  5. VonPolo says:

    exactly ppl dont know that bout Gucci plus if he trying to help some kids why talk shit wtf

  6. Bank Aaron says:

    That pregnant stomach tho LOL

  7. MFOgunloye says:

    Damn that I hope there was a disclaimer posted for this class session!!!!

  8. Kiillah Concepts says:

    if a rapper spreading positive messages to kids besides negativity in his music its a plus. think about it,it’s not that many rappers talking to kids in school anymore.

  9. RellBaltimore1 says:

    his point just completely went over your head… Smh fuckin dumbass

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