Be Honest! Would You Hit? #100


February 3, 2013


  • Hostile Empire

    yes sir with no condom and no pulling out

  • PDQ30

    I’ve beat a few chicks that size 2 b honest when I was alil younger not that I woudnt now its just 2 much work now that Im a lazy nikka, she could suck me no doubt

  • Dr. Drummond Bass

    Hell yes. FIRIN OFF!

  • g unitundaboss

    Me 2 fucka!!! Let’s go 9ers!!!!!

  • bUfFeT

    nah I wouldnt beat it
    I’d just eat it and get my dick sucked
    and eat & drink up all the shit in her crib

  • immahoff@

    I prolly wife…

  • Dr. Drummond Bass

    Had to come back for a double take. Love me fat girl

  • thuglife_kbo

    U nasty as hell…. so u mean you’d eat and wont beat? Backwards

  • thuglife_kbo

    Hell fucking no blogga I wouldn’t

  • $Black Nation$

    Y not!


    I would attempt to beat that up but she’ll destroy my ass

  • i_gotta_believe

    thay way to much ass for me..i tell no lie..i would not be able to handle that

  • sazzafrazz

    Hell yeah, I’d smoke that and spend a night and cuddle wake up like 3am and smoke it again… Brooklyn!!!

  • Stone Diggy

    hell yeah

  • MFOgunloye

    I would hit, but thats it!!!!!

  • leftguard80

    would i hit? I already blew

  • UnHeardOf – Beat Attic Music

    Love to watch that big ass bounce all over the place.That’s the reward and oil that ass up !!!!!!!

  • KevinBallardphotography

    No that’s to much women and im a big guy

  • HoodyHarrelson

    Nah,too much going on.. It sounds good inside my mind,but once it’s in my face? Naaaah.

  • 1090


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