The Light Skin Girl Or The Dark Skin Girl? Who Would You Hit 1st? [Pics]


February 4, 2013


15 Responses to “The Light Skin Girl Or The Dark Skin Girl? Who Would You Hit 1st? [Pics]”

  1. jeffrey petitfrere says:

    none fuck nigga……this gotta b tha worst post

  2. gogetit says:


  3. R-PICKS says:

    Didnt even notice the darker chick

  4. BKNY says:

    the darker chick, other chick look sloppy

  5. facts says:

    Fuck da shit out of light skin

  6. immahoff@ says:

    Darkie…she so pretty!

  7. piru says:


  8. I AM! says:

    Neither one of these shitty booty, wack body bitches! Yall lame for this post!

  9. Darrel Hawkins says:

    well the big ones a man soooo the one on the right.

  10. Van Sertima says:

    The brown skin girl just looks better. The “light skin” girl is not even light skin. Alicia Keys is light skin, this bitch is caramel latte.

  11. kane says:

    depends what u like? chick on da left is thicker the 1 on da right is prettier but both are fine

  12. PDQ30 says:

    Lighter chick thicker

  13. i_gotta_believe says:

    i aint feeling this post at all

  14. KevinBallardphotography says:

    Dark all day

  15. hollatme says:

    thats what yall callin’ “LIGHTSKIN” LMAO thats two black sisters!!! yall pushing too far with who’s light skin and who’s dark skin. black divide themselves apart with even realising it. OBAMA is a half white mulatto and we accepted him as our black president. Only when it convenient a “light skin” is “black” Im sick of the divisions amongst black people

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