Based Off One Picture: Wife Her? Or One Night Her?


February 12, 2013


  • the thirst

    who is she? would handcuff that on site.

  • Boss Of All Bosses

    You trully worthy of ur name

  • Capizzi808

    Wifey all the way

  • kimbo


  • kane

    1 night her cuz she 2 fine 2 want to stick wit me, potentiall gold digger

  • southbatonrougedageneral225r

    wife her

  • pc

    why do you always ask that Its ALWAYS a one night her off one pick come on now

  • Blanko

    Wife Her!!!

  • Jhoel Arredondo

    ill 1 nite her for da rest of her life… gotta luv dem brazilian buttz

  • i gotta believe

    one night

  • $Black Nation$

    That would be one hell of a night!

  • Kevin Ballard

    She can get the tool one afternoon but she can’t stay the night

  • Careless

    damn… 1 night every night

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