Are These Women Too Big For You? [Pics]

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Added by March 6, 2013

all of them on the big side. what you think? too big?


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  • john cherry

    nope, not at all. they all can get it

  • Brandon Carlton Price

    Hell no they all my speed

  • Smirnoff

    Not at all

  • Wiselikeowl

    hell no i love that shit

  • GetOnMyLevel


  • FeverFromDaBronx

    I Would Lick Picture Number 1 Pussy All Night Long

  • Darrel Hawkins

    5/6 of these niggas never fucked a fat bitch or are obese themselves. so of course not!


    Baby no.3 did it for me

  • -_-

    Naw but them bitches need to lay off the grease

  • Joseph Tate

    2nd One Fo Sho!

  • Scrilla

    Just right my nigga but after a few months they might start looking fat to me #shallow AL flow lol

  • #Bc

    Too big???? What The fuck wrong wit u man?
    Them broads are perfect!

  • Capital D

    I’ll Take The First Three, Y’all can have the rest!

  • @dozespecialz

    aint nothing wrong wit meat on ur bone and u pretty! we could make baby’s

  • Real is Real

    # 2 & 3 can get it all day, the others can get it to, just not all day. Big Girls are Freaks,

  • PDQ30

    I.ll take em all

  • Ron Brown

    All fuckable…

  • Joseph Williams


  • american spring

    heck naw there not to big. none of these women are sloppy fat there the good fat(fat arms, ass and tits). im taking #4 strait up she the best one out all of them on this post

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