Does She Need To Lose Weight? Or Is She Good To Go? [Pics]

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Added by March 13, 2013

what you think? one more pic below!


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  • alskis45

    lose weight

  • Nick


  • gogetit

    She needs to lose weight but id still hit

  • O.G. NESS

    She Don’t Need 2 Loze No Weight~Nice N’ Thicc~Da Way I Love ‘Em~Fugazi Azz Comments 4rm Theze So-Called Malez~Not Men.

  • Scrilla

    She good probably knows how to cook & suck a mean dick

  • Jamal Brown

    na she shud move the phone from her face

  • Bportis

    She definitely good to go!

  • Da_Analyza

    She ready!

  • Bank Aaron


  • @Keyno503

    her body proportion is right she don’t need to lose no weight

  • Kelvin

    she good money nice and thick fuck skinny bitches

  • i_gotta_believe

    this bitch is fat..that why she is covering up that fat ass face of hers

  • EnlightenedBrotha

    If a nigga just trying to nail somethin she good to go but if you wife her and she pop a baby she gon blow the fuck up. So it depends

  • PDQ30

    Good 2 go

  • David Williams

    no !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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