How Would You Rate Jenny V aKa @miss_JennyV? 1-10? [Pics]

what you think?

March 27, 2013



    Straight 10/10.. you get the hair, you get the skin, you get the face.. what more could a guy need… can she cook??? Who cares??

  • gogetit

    You get the hair you get the skin??? Is that what characterizes a dime to you homeboy? You sound very ignorant. This chic is far from a dime. She gets a 7 from me.

  • Yomommaisugly

    U must b gay ..a woman like this is a ten to me . She can def. keep a dick up for days..u must live in the playboy mansion or something..this chick is sexy..


    G come on now, come on B!!!! How you gonna call this girl a 7?!!! 7!!!! A girl like this is for life, like herpes!!! You dont throw away chicks like this!!! Forbez I keep telling you, you need to get these guys to send a pic of what theyre messin with and my girls will kill em dead!!! I got a girl these guys would rob a bank for looooool


    Tell him.. I wanna see what his fuckin wid

  • gogetit

    Man this chic aint got no ass or hips. She need to tighten up her stomach and the face is only okay. Trust me homie, my broads would crush yours.

  • kane

    after seein the last 2 pics, i would fuck her like Donkey Kong, son’ atleast a 8 or 9

  • FeverFromDaBronx


  • PDQ30

    Id say 8.5-9

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