Chief Keef Posting Pictures Holding Hammers! [Pics]

Just weeks after finishing out his parole for a gun-related crime and after finishing a stint at a juvenile detention center (a result of probation violation), Chief Keef has posted several pictures of himself and his 300 Squad acquaintances to Instagram.

He’s not on probabtion anymore, so they’re not illegal. However, given his past and Chicago’s current gun problem, they are certainly in poor taste.

April 22, 2013


24 Responses to “Chief Keef Posting Pictures Holding Hammers! [Pics]”

  1. Dumb Nigga'' says:

    thats funny cos the chief keef i remember was cryin like a bitch goin to jail” dumbass nigga your from chicago home of the Dead and you aint learned shit! dont ever wonder why whites dont want us in there nieghborhoods.

  2. iHateJaYz says:

    nigga fuck whites..its coons like you thats always worried about what they are thinkin

  3. TEECUZZ says:

    This nigga cheif keef is a fucking idiot…..this is who they put infront of u!!!!!!!!! To represent Us so who’s to blame………WAKE UP

  4. keef should shoot himself says:

    you better be “worried” about what they think cause chances are the landlord or the owner of where YOU live is white and once they come thru with them bulldozers and wrecking balls to gentrify your dumb ass you and yo mama gon be cryin with cardboard boxes in your hands. the real “coons” are the niggaz who dont own land or homes and take pride in residing in fucked up areas in deplorable living conditions acting like your mothers and babies dont deserve better.if you really feel like “fuck whites”
    then when are you gonna separate COMPLETELY and build a nation?
    everything you buy is white from your groceries to your nikes…..

  5. why says:

    Dumb nigga

  6. Uknowho says:

    It’s over for his ass

  7. Ozcar says:

    Wrong or right he iz who he iz….But u all support Rozay lyin ass, his fake fat wanna bee street, Date RAPE Ex law enforcement, smh…. Atleast the lil nigga real to himself

  8. Buck Nasty says:

    Fuck both them niggas

  9. Buck Nasty says:

    All they gotta do is label him a terrorist and he’s gone for life, no trial. Its like that in 2013

  10. fuckhead basher says:

    what a nigger

  11. OffBreed says:

    Why you give a fuck about what white people want.

  12. OffBreed says:

    I guess when them crackas tell you to jump you say how high huh….them white folks don’t want us living by them no way, no matter how much you kiss they ass. Grow some balls and put yourself in a position to where you can own your own shit.

  13. 2 more dumb niggas says:

    and u two niggas stay ghetto”

  14. stfu says:

    hows that workin 4 ya? typical nigga can talk shit all day but when it comes to action, u b sittin on that couch waitin 4 ya gov. check”

  15. OffBreed says:

    First off, you must be white or one of those brown nose niggas that try to please these crackas if what I said bothered you. I guess you don’t believe in putting yourself in a position to better your situation then huh. You’d just rather kiss up to these crackas instead of going for yours. Just because you gettin those government checks and satisfied with that….don’t try to put me in the same boat with ya.

  16. I hate dumb niggas says:

    Exactly. Two more dumb niggas…..smh

  17. STFU says:

    You sound dumb as fuck

  18. OffBreed says:

    So I guess because I don’t live my life trying to please these white folks, that makes me ghetto huh…please elaborate.

  19. OffBreed says:

    What are you 13 or something. How can they charge him as a terrorist just because he took a picture with a gun? In that case, KRS-1 would be considered a terrorist too since he was holding a gun on one of his album covers.

  20. Mannie Young says:

    young brothers yall need to understand as long as white have the power we need to worried about wut white wants see we think we can live how we wont witch we can as long as it dont effect them but do so shit the white man do like an thats you ass if you rich or poor!!!! wake up homie ghetto has not a thing to do with it.

  21. OffBreed says:

    You came at me with respect so I’ll do the same. I understand what you saying. I understand that the whites hold the power in this country. Because of that am I supposed to live my life using my energy towards worrying about what they think of me? If I lived with that type of mind frame, I would go crazy. As long as we keep living our lives according to how we think they want us to be, then aren’t we still slaves, not literally but mentally. When I stated that I’m not living my life to please them, I’m saying that my everyday actions aren’t made with them on my mind….. I make my moves for the betterment of my family, not them. I want to see my people’s come together and better ourselves, not because we’re trying to show the whites that we can be good house niggas, but because I want to see my people grow. The more we down our own to show the whites that “look all of us are not like that”, we’re just separating ourselves even further while giving them more power….and that power is mind control.

  22. iHateJaYz says:

    dude shut the hell up you know not what you speak of

  23. Mannie Young says:

    u make great points and I very much agree but at the same time pic like this does not help us one bit all I am say is sometime we all have to kiss a lil ass (NO HOMO) intill we have a strong plan to attack in a rite way, but over all u have a strong mind that I can dig about u !! hold it down on you side of the earth…..Blessing

  24. Buck Nasty says:

    He’s wearing a mask aiming guns at the camera/you. He raps about killing who the fuck ever. Get your head out ya ass foo

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