Selena: Wife Her? Or One Night Her? [Pics]

what you think fellas? more pics below

May 11, 2013


  • O.G. NESS

    Lookin’ Like Tha Girl Nexx Door Wifey Type..But Tha Wifey Type Wouldn’t Poze 1/2 Naked On Any Pic Or Mag~Double Edged Sword Question!

  • realnigga101

    That’s what i always say O.G, i don’t respect those chicks that pose naked or half naked, they definitely not wifey material but she’s a pretty sexy bitch though, so for me it would be one night.

  • the thirst

    i’d handcuff that. what’s her full name?

  • sta boner

    a definate 9 on my dick meter! every chick got some kinda dick hiding in there closet” if ya dont like what ya see then get a church girl and pray she shaves that hairy pussy lol

  • austin wheeler

    1 night

  • FeverFromDaBronx

    I Dont Have To Think Twice About This…..Hell Yeah I Would Wife Her…..Her Eyes Are Very Seductive And Enticing…..She Is Tha Bomb…..She Aint Even Trying Hard…..Her Sexiness Is Natural

  • Buck Nasty

    She’s a dime

  • me

    dont wife a dime if she naked on the internet….i hit it first

  • american spring

    wife her if her personality is good

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