K.Michelle Booty [Pics]

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Added by May 21, 2013

probably not real, but it’s still chunky!


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  • O.G. NESS

    Baby Hella ThicC!

  • gogetit

    Looks real to me. Chicks with the injections got that sharp drop off feom the bottom of the cheeks and the thighs. Her thighs flow into her cheeks naturally.

  • islandboi340

    she da type bitch u give a fake name and where u grew up @ 2, cuz she the type slide from up under ur whip with a 38 revolver after u aint call her in 2 days, but i’ll hit tho

  • dmncnlou dmncnlou


  • E.G

    Fuck that bitch, bust all over her face and eyes, bounce and never call that ho again

  • bklyn ox

    You’re 90% right but i would definitely call that ho back over and over again until i get bored with it. lol

  • http://twitter.com/BoneProfessor Buck Nasty

    Hell nah. This bitch got floaties on!?

  • E.G

    Na. That’s too much stress and bullshit to deal with my g

  • http://Twitter.com/memphispro Noose Juice

    She’s ratchet as fuck,but can’t deny that thick ass.. I agree with most,though,I’d hit it.. Truthfully,but that attitude yo? Makes her jump off material.. In Memphis,there are many K.Michelles floating around.. Looks & attitude wise.

  • disqus_s252MlaEwD

    most chicks wit fake asses dont even where thongs and when they do wear a bikini it looks like a diaper or something…SHES ALL REAL

  • Mr. Python Man

    i rather fuck Jodi Arias than this big mouth hoe..’

  • PDQ30

    Bitch looking NICE

  • Rory Wooden

    K. Michelle is fine as a muthafucka. Can’t you see how phat her ass is? Man, I wanna stick my dick in her asshole (between her ass cheeks) and start fucking her doggystyle. That ass makes me so fucking horny.

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