Nekisha Taneli Is One Sexy Coco Mami! [Pics]

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Added by June 6, 2013

5 star chick for sure!


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  • immahoff@

    Thank you!

  • PDQ30



    i know her and her family Montreal has the best girls

  • OffBreed

    This why I love dark skin women….they skin be looking too smooth…And that body aint no joke.

  • Jon Price

    Lookin like a wife to me

  • alskis45

    I agree there is nothing better

  • Young Niles

    I seen this broad at the club a couple months back in the T-dot.

  • You

    Attention seeking instagram ho. Go do something more useful with your time. Your face ain’t all that anyways.

  • Fire

    5 star chicks have a career job or at least some education… you didn’t hear the lyrics? At least the remix anyways. Y’all giving this chick too much credit. She ain’t all that. Nuff badder chicks where she’s from.

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