The Bartenders Look Better Than The Strippers Now! [Pics]

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June 8, 2013


7 Responses to “The Bartenders Look Better Than The Strippers Now! [Pics]”

  1. python tim says:

    whats new? they know men r weak 4 pussy” and will happily hand over there wallets.sho nuff

  2. FeverFromDaBronx says:

    Picture Number 4

  3. Huh??? says:

    Why is it a crime to put money in a women’s pocket? Does it make me less of a man? If we could go back in time, to the days when our mother’s were their age, or move forward in time, to the days when our daughters are this age, would we want them with men with nothing to offer but dick? Or would we want our mother’s and daughter’s dealing with men that have the ability to provide? I know my reply will fall on deaf ears, because it’s just too logical for niggas to comprehend, and yes, I know these are not our daughters and mothers, but who knows? Decades from now, their son’s and grandson’s just might experience this very exchange of opinions.

  4. Huh??? says:

    It just occurred to me I can’t end with that last sentence, because it asks the reader to think, and niggas aint got time for that. The conclusion I was hopeful, many would come to is, there is no different between you and I, nor the children of these women, considering we all came from the womb of a woman. You can’t really respect your mother if you don’t respect women. The only difference between your mother and mine, is the name, and mindset, of the children that exited her womb. I respect every mother as much as i do my own, and every women because each has the ability to be a mother. We should always respect everyone, until they show us they are not deserving of respect. To everyone that has a problem with my comments, because they’re not ignorant enough, suck a dick and die a slow horrible death.

  5. PardonMyHonesty says:

    Except for number 1, they all look like the same chick. I’d smash but I still like variety.

  6. fax0perator says:

    there is no suck thing as a bartender that is better than a stripper. more like a bartender who doesnt have the guts to be a stripper.

  7. PDQ30 says:

    Had this bad ass bartender at he strip club in PTown NJ I wanted 2 fuck her so bad one nite thought I had the chance bitch like me fill her up like she was gonna leave with me then played me lol

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