Be Honest! Would You Hit? #118

who would?

June 19, 2013


  • gun u down

    yup damn rite



  • kane

    i`ll suck them tits dry and bang her doggy style! hope she shaved her pussy tho cos grey hair on a pussy is nasty!!!

  • austin wheeler

    For $2,500 every time ill pop her off

  • Jon Price

    Hmmmmm.. late night with some henny in the system. Maaaybbee

  • Huh???

    To stay on topic: To each his own, I bet twenty or thirty years ago, she was something special, but if that’s your thing, enjoy it to the fullest.
    To go off topic: I’d like to share a song I was listening to this evening; it’s sort of my anthem at the moment, especially when I think of the situation here, and beyond. When I manipulate the lyrics, ever so slightly, nothing major, just a few words here and there, it almost suit’s my situation perfectly. What we do without music? Good night.

  • immahoff@


  • orochi80



    Fake.. the legs are blurred almost pixelated yet the rack is crystal


    i know you thirsty men would

  • black women hate”

    stay in ya lane Hoe! cos when a chick makes a comment you come out lookin stupid as usuall” why do u think they call us dogs? idiot

  • The B

    Hell yeah!! Look at those cute toes!!!

  • Noose Juice

    Naah,I wouldn’t.. She looks like an old British nanny or some shit…

  • rodneychris507

    The white women is ugly!!Men are not thirsty for commenting this isnt something i would initially go after !!But if she was a willing participate behind close doors!!!I would hit it a few times.Funny all men of all races and colors spend there whole life tryin to get laid!!But now females are showing there ass!!sets to everybody then they get mad!When people notice or say something!!I think black chicks sleepin with white dudes is fuckin herindous!!But you still see that!!Gross would you blast them black chicks for dating white guys probably not!!First chick to comment shit if thats what they like!!You go girl!!Makes more sense to me to see a chick get strung on some black d@#!k then other way around.

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