Evelyn Lozada’s Headbutt Injury Photos Surface [Pics]

he rocked that chick! damn! split her melon

June 20, 2013


  • i gotta believe

    damn, no wonder the NFL released him.

  • tizatmoney

    yea thats bad

  • tallsmile28 .

    Did he headbutt her with his football helmet on???

  • Tealove

    He did fuc her up bad!!! Howeverrrrrrr momma said keep talking l that shyt jumping in people face acting like you can whip the worlds ass and somebody gonna bust you in the head! (IM JUST SAYING)

  • Magic

    #damn.. #nohelmet

  • PardonMyHonesty

    I wonder what she did to deserve that? How come they never ask that simple question in interviews? I know Chad didn’t wake up that day and say to himself, “hmm I’m going to headbutt my wife today.”

  • fax0perator

    I dont feel sorry for her. If you talk shit you get what you get. You cant be gangsta bitch on min then switch to miss lady the next.

  • fax0perator

    How do we know this is real? This can be photoshopped.

  • Huh???

    These comments are depressing. I suppose it’s alright for someone to bash your Mother, Aunt’s, Sister’s, Niece’s, Cousin’s, or Daughter’s, head open? And if that be the case, what kind of man are you? When is it ever cool to assault a woman? Some of you love to make fun of the reverence I have for my father. He taught me, the only time a man is suppose to put his hands on a woman, is to caress her, and the man who beats a woman, is not a man at all. PERIOD!




  • http://www.twitter.com/QVC_Hustler Bank Aaron

    EXACTLY, women will push a man to his limits and then stuff like that happens, but people don’t care to ask what happened to escalate to that.

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