K.Michelle And That Big Booty! [Pics]

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Added by June 30, 2013

she look like a good smash too

you know they say crazy chicks got he best box


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  • Abidan Cabrera

    i bet tht booty is sweaty all the time..still nice tho! i bet she walks around in the ATL heat wit a napkin in between tht to absorb tht sweat.


    For a slim chick she has a phatty

  • Stevie J

    honestly I hope some lunatic rapist gets a hold of her and bashes her big ass head in before he sodomizes her

  • P

    That horrible animal should be put down for humanity´s sake..

  • Jamal Brown

    i swear she bleaches her skin

  • Nino Brown

    Why are you hating on her nigga? How can you hate on phat azz like that? Are you gay?

  • fax0perator

    Id eat her asshole out

  • Los


  • american spring

    her ass fake she anounce it on twitter not too long ago……still would like to smash tho

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