Jill Scott Looked Good Even When She Was Younger! [Pics]



July 20, 2013


  • shizzle

    Yas forbez she does look quite good!but homey she look bout 15-16 their. My limit is 17.n yes I’m 26

  • Nino Brown

    True that, she looks like a kid in this pic

  • austin wheeler

    Yeah she wuz a lil cutie

  • R. Kelly

    yeah but she look like she could handle dis dick back then.
    she was ready!!!! bitch had the eye of the tiger.

  • shizzle

    Lmao!nigggas is cold blooooded!

  • MasterFardMuhammad

    Yeah man! This pics screams gimme dick!

  • tru2dabone

    she fire. That’s one beautiful women inside and out.

  • tru2dabone

    18 4 me, Im the same age…cant catch a case smh but different place different time she could get the STROKES lol

  • Tonedelux

    she used to get trains ran on he in philly #factsonly what a beauty though

  • mizzledahednizzle

    Yeah she was like 16 getting it in and she still on that bullshit bet anyone could fuck as long as you get type. Gtown northside philly stand up fake ass soul sista we don’t believe you

  • NegroTarantino

    Forbezdvd where child pornography is acceptable!

  • MrSavant

    Jill does look good. Not really into her current ‘big boned’ look myself..but that is just my preference…no offense.

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