Yaris Sanchez Came A Long Way! [Pics]

she used to be with sub zero back in the days

July 20, 2013


  • FeverFromDaBronx

    Look At Those Hips…..Yes Indeed Yes Indeed…..She Is Definetly Good To Go…..Bonifide Beauty

  • FeverFromDaBronx

    My My My Look At Those Hips Son……Yes Indeed Yes Indeed…..Bonifide Beauty

  • austin wheeler

    Word she wuz wit sub0 and she got fake cakes to but she good money

  • Huh???

    What is it about Dominican women that drive me up the wall?! Ay dios yo no se lo que es!?! LMFAO!!! Sorry, I was thinking about a funny ass video I viewed a few days ago. I don’t know much about this Dominican Goddess, other than videos, and magazines, but she has an amazing body, and a beautiful face. Speaking of which, that is not a body for beer. It’s easier to burn off liquor than it is a beer belly. Not that many around here would care, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Some men like their women with some weight on them, and beer is an easy way to get thick quick. But anyway, I don’t know if anyone cares, but the worlds finest will be coming to theaters in 2015. I’m psyched. For those that are unfamiliar, it’s a series of stories featuring the man of steel and the dark knight. So in other words, Superman, and Batman, will be teaming up to take on the Avengers, at the box office in 2015. And for those that are laughing, I’m serious, this not a joke. When I joke, no one laughs, but now that I’m serious, you’re probably laughing (LOL). What can I say, I enjoy watching characters from my childhood come to life on the big screen. On a side note, since it’s been awhile since I did this, I want to highlight someone, I’m sure you’ve never heard of, but he is an inspirational figure, to me. R.I.P David M. Ogilvy. Started with nothing, and built and empire, that thrives to this day. I’m going to jump a day ahead, because I won’t check back in until next weekend, and this is important. So everything I reference from this point forward, will be dealing with July 22nd. I’d like to ask my fellow New Yorkers, how many times have you walked across, looked at, or even though of the Brooklyn Bridge and wondered, who built it? Be honest! Probably never, R.I.P John Roebling, and since we love macabre stories, he died during its construction, and it wasn’t from natural causes. Now I know brothers want to find out how this cracker was killed by the bridge he was building (LOL). Also for my fellow New Yorkers, any Giants fans out there? Do you know who the first black man to play for the Giants is? He’s also the first black man inducted into the pro-football hall of fame. Now I know what you’re thinking. “Why you fucking with me son, you know I aint got time for that shit my nigga, as soon as I’m done with Forbez, I’m jumping on the play-station namean”. Alright, fuck it. R.I.P Emlen Tunnell. A true pioneer! We should always learn about those who came before us, too learn what they endured, and gain some incentive to fight through the bullshit, and not fuckup the opportunities, they’ve given us. Now! For all you gangsters out there! You know who went out in a hail of bullets, on July 22nd in 1934 right? Mr. Public Enemy Number One himself! R.I.P John Dillinger. And last but not least, by any stretch of the imagination, for everyone who believes we fought, and continue to fight, this long hard journey, without the help of white people with a sense of human decency. R.I.P Cassius Marcellus Clay. Sound familiar? Some of you probably don’t have a fucking clue, and for those that do, it’s obviously not Muhammad Ali, thankfully he’s still with us. There is good and bad in every race, including ours, but sometimes we fail to recognize that. We like to make excuses for their behavior. Please pick up a fucking book, and learn about the world we live in. Thank me later. I apologize for the length of this comment, but marijuana is a hell of a drug. I hope everyone has a safe and productive week.


    She looks the type to put on that sexy talk as you hit it

  • Huh??? is Gay

    yes” must be hard from going to a low level Hoe to a Magazine Hoe now all she needs is a ball player or actor then she can be a money Hoe!

  • Huh???

    I like your screen name, and yes I am quite happy at the moment, because as a healthy, happy, heterosexual male, I define gay as happy, but you probably wouldn’t know anything about synonyms. And why are you so insecure? Why are you worried about what she does to make money? Do you pay her bills? Not everyone is lucky enough to be in your position. Some of us have moved out of mommy and daddy’s place, and have to pay our own bills. Are you upset because you can’t get a woman like her? Closing you eyes and fantasizing with a handful of lotion just isn’t working anymore huh??? Your little, low level, to magazine, too money hoe quote, was uninspired, because in reality, I bet you wish she was your hoe. Don’t worry showgirl, I wish she was mine, but not for the same reason. I don’t want to do her hair and paint her nails, I want to pull her hair and feel her nails dig into my skin. And I never understood, nor hope to understand, how a man, who claims he’s not gay, would bash a woman because she makes a living off her sensuality. Real men applaud that shit! But anyway, I think I’ve wasted enough time on you, with any luck, some will shot you in the knee so you can lay there and watch your father as he’s beaten to death, with the the bat that was used to rip your mother’s asshole apart. I’ll keep my finger crossed. In fact, I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed. Good luck with that.

  • Huh???

    I was going to edit my response but I decided to leave it as a reminder of the time I wasted answering this negative comment.This amounts to about five minute, I’ll never get back.

  • Erkal

    Yup, Your Gay!

  • Kellz Elite

    yooo, response was waaay to long…aint nobody got time for that…

  • Huh???

    LMAO!!! Now this is worth a few minutes. This is funny. It reminds me of the way I use to end my comments. I’d say, “I still don’t know why I keep pretending like I don’t already know. Niggas aint got time for that”. And then you come along and prove my point. LMMFAO!!! I hope your being sarcastic, because that would still make it funny, but if you’re serious, that makes it sad and funny, at the same time. Either way, thank you. I needed a good laugh. That was priceless.

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