Jewish Man Says It’s Not Rape, Because He Married Underage Boy Under Jewish Law


A Jewish pedophile who publicly professed his love to the boy he molested is now trying to beat a federal sex rap by claiming he and the child victim were married.

Andrew Goodman, 28, stunned a Brooklyn state courtroom last summer when he turned to the traumatized teen and said, “I fell in love with you,” before a judge gave him only two years in prison for years-long abuse that started when the kid was just 12.

Then just as Goodman was about to get sprung from jail after time served, the feds in October 2012 charged him for taking the then-15-year-old across state lines to Atlantic City, where he sodomized him and took him to dinner and a Kid Rock concert.

Goodman now faces a life sentence if convicted.

Unbelievably, the defendant, who’s representing himself, argued in a motion to dismiss the case that the trip, on Valentine’s Day 2010, was for his and the boy’s nuptials.

“The union resulted in a honeymoon, feasting, celebratory concert attendance,” he wrote in papers filed in Brooklyn Federal Court last week. “A valid Jewish Wedding and Marriage occurred.”

The document points out that Jewish matrimony is allowable at age 13 and does not require parental consent. It fails to mention that Jewish Law forbids same-sex relationships and it doesn’t offer proof of the so-called union.

The motion also omits the fact that when Goodman was sentenced in state court, his purported partner, who’s now 18, called him “the devil disguised as a human” and “the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

The teen also said that the judge’s unexplained decision to impose the lenient sentence over prosecutors’ objections is “a very grave mistake.”

But the pro se pervert still maintained that his constitutional rights are being violated because the law is “improperly applied,” acknowledging that no one has ever made such claims before.

“This is the most meshuga thing in the world,” said Rabbi Shea Hecht, who advised the victim and his family, noting that Goodman has also copped to molesting the boy’s younger brother and may have had other victims.

“His latest spin on this goes to show how sick this man is and that he’s a menace to society,” Hecht said.

August 24, 2013


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