How Would You Rate Sibongile Cummings? 1-10? [Pics]

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Added by September 5, 2013

what you think?


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  • smittyhii

    i like it ilove it

  • Noose Juice

    wow,now thats sexy.. dark skin & thick..

  • Athrilla

    2 she would be a 10 bit I subtract 8 4 ratchetness

  • K33P 1

    Carnival time i would’a been all up on her motherskunt. U see that pussy print in the last pic. yessi

  • tallsmile28 .

    Body 10 Face 5

  • Nino Brown

    She’s got some nice racks and nice booty but i would rate her a 2.5 ’cause she looks ghetto trash.


    Body..easily 10/10!!! Her face and hair is a straight 0 LOOL!! Now fellas, why would a sexy girl cut her beautiful feminine hair off?!!! In my opinion it’s either she’s broke (cant afford weave), ghetto, lazy (jump up, brush hair and go) or the short look actually works on her.

  • immahoff@

    That blond shit aint workin for her but Id fuk repetedly…

  • austin wheeler

    body 10 face about a 7 im wifing in the hood she good theres a lot of girls way uglier than her

  • Jamal Brown

    she got nice tits but her face is ugly and manly

  • i gotta believe

    damn this bitch is ugly as fuck, ya’ll can do better than this forbez

  • DialTone

    Dark and beautiful!!! That’s a bad women right there Dam!!! Sometimes I wonder if half the dudes that comment on her is gay!! Hey girl come get this good HIPHOP beast mode dick!!!

  • dark skin

    im keep it g I’m freak ill have her ridin my face with that pussy till cum then ill lick it from back with my nose in her ass then ill tongue fuck her ass while she lay on the bed shit i cant resist it. then its 69 then ill fuck

  • Big Body

    Yeh shawty u a certified freak. Lls

  • b4world

    yeah,she is a slutty freak,but i love slutty freaks,especially natural slutty freaks,i will give her 12 out of 10,cuz i am also a natural slutty freak

  • dark skin

    naw bruh im nigga. but back to this dark skin again that ass and titties does something to me.

    to who ever work this site post mo dark skin bitches and post more of her fine ass. them light bitches fine but them dark skin female

  • lil jodi

    ill give her a 6.5 cuz she ait the cutest

  • Silky G

    I don’t always knock off dark skinned chicks, but when I do they look like SIBONGILE CUMMINGS!

  • OffBreed

    I hear what you just said all the time when it comes to dark skin chicks, and that’s that she looks manly…I just think that niggas don’t understand or appreciate the features of a dark skin woman….I’m not saying that this particular dark skin chick looks good in the face, but it seems that niggas stay callin dark skin women manly, and I just don’t get it

  • killakm

    Let her face be light skinned yall fuck bois would swear to God she a 10 yall confused she a 10

  • OffBreed

    Yo Forbez…I got another name for a dark skin chick that you’ll should show on here….her name is Amazin Grace and she’s from Great Brittian….but that chick built like a motha fucka….and for any niggas on here that like this chick…you’ll should look Amazin Grace up then…but you gotta type in Butterfly Model before typing in her name

  • OffBreed

    Damn man…it’s good to see other niggas that recognize the bias when it comes to skin tones…..this chick aint a dime in the face to me, but her face matches that fine body though….so I’d take the whole package with this chick here, no doubt

  • therealsyxx

    thats the truth cause aint nothing ugly about her


    She look good. Just don’t like that clown ass makeup on my bitches. BITCH LOOK LIKE A DRAG QUEEN CARTOON CHARACTER WITH THAT SHIT.

  • killakm

    Word niggas is brainwashed …realtalk its disturbing

  • Ron Brown

    I’m in love.

  • Dave Williams

    9.9 I love chocolate

  • Δη!mαℓ Kιηςdσm♛


  • Predaking

    I’m not digging the bald head thing,but maaannn,that is one BAD as Dark skin chick.DAMN!

  • fuckwshh13

    body 10 face 7

  • PDQ30

    body on point her face not so much but either way she getting heavy dick

  • Detroit Prime

    I usually go for lightskin hoes,but give me one like her with a big ol booty,big titties,and a cute face and im good to go

  • Juan Pepe 99


  • FreakyDeaky

    I would eat that from the back! Pussy and ass! Yeah im nasty

  • Keysersoze301

    Chicks wit short hair really not my preference so I would give her an 7.5

  • Water

    10 without question!

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