Kim Kardashian And Blacc Chyna Take A Booty Pic!

ass look faker than a $3 bill

January 6, 2014


  • PardonMyHonesty

    Kim’s ass looks realer.

  • tru2dabone

    Cuz it is. I still don’t gaf.

  • Kane

    Look at the BackGround toward the left yes they got phat ass`s but this pic is Obviously a photo-shop”

  • Yez sir

    Chyna looks like she`s taken a dump inside a diaper!, Yuck!!!

  • Goldallinmychain

    This nigga said yuck lol…….GAYEEEEE ass nigga this straight backshot action at its finest tRawww sitting there like told you yeezy my piece ass fatter i would make a mean porn with them asses stacked up on one another

  • OffBreed

    Sure that aint White Chyna?

  • Dumb bronics

    i can tell your a G.E.d scholar .lol shut da fuk up”

  • Goldallinmychain

    Shut yo gay ass up nigga

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