She Almost Looks Like She Got That Throwback 70′s Box! [Pics]

count me in!

January 9, 2014


  • Musa Musaaid ✊

    ATLEAST you know she aint getting d!ck on a regular,i can see that BUSH from the front. my momma say “if its always shaven, she always getting some or expecting it” NATURAL=BEAUTY

  • dmncnlou dmncnlou

    She gettn some dick. Look at them saggin tittees.

  • odan

    Man I love hair on dat thang…..these women these days panties be looking empty

  • Brandon

    Damn. She Fine! =)

  • Dan-O

    Who’s grand ma is this?! I feel fuc*ed up likin this. Her and Ms. Pearlee from Next Friday ran together, lol.

  • my One

    What I would for a woman like that… Natural beauty

  • Leon Lonnie Love

    Yeah I’d knock it down, yessir…

  • i gotta believe

    where that strange ass nigga at that love feet? fucking weirdo.

  • Tonedelux

    good advice but you and your mom are way too close

  • obiwun

    Count me in too, but who ever popped out that 70′s afro looking box down there is probably my same age, she probably almost a senior citizen now

  • LT72

    this nigga mad his mom didn’t love him enough to give him any game on life. thats wtf she supposed to do DUMB ASS YOUNG NIGGA.

    and babygirl got a SINGLE STRIP of hair and niggas talkin like she got a fro?

    she cold.

  • boombang


  • nah

    she’s an american apparel model

  • obiwun

    Nice, had me fooled



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