Beat Battle

Beat Battle: Nas Vs. Wiz Khalifa ft Curren$y [Toto Sample]

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i had to used the live version of the original because the recorded version was taken off youtube. many people used this sample. but nas did it while back and then wiz khailfa did it recently. nas is more produced,

Beat Battle: Black Moon Vs. Jay-Z [Little Boy Blues Sample]

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this was a controversial sample because black moon just released an album with their song. and jay-z releases the black album with the same sample. just blaze said he never heard the black moon song when he did the track

Beat Battle: M.O.P Vs. AZ (Mad Lads Sample)

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this is a tough one. but i can’t front the m.o.p version gives me that feeling! you know that feeling like you just want to jump up and down! then you have az where you know the lyrics are are

Beat Battle: LL Cool J Vs. Mobb Deep (Esther Phillips Sample)

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easy mo bee produced the remix of ‘pink cookies’ for ll cool j and story is q-tip asked easy mo bee where he got the sample from, so he can produce ‘give up the goods’ for mobb deep! which version

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