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We Heard You! No More ForbezDVD Mobile Site! We’re Back To Normal!


after the many complaints we decided to switch back to the old way. we still have some issues we need to resolve, but basically the mobile site didn’t work. thank you to everyone who logs on faithfully and gave feedback. peace!

if you still prefer to use the mobile you can click here


Anyone Having Trouble With The Mobile Layout? (Feedback Needed, Pls Reply In Post)



If anyone is having trouble please speak out. Please specify what mobile device you are using and what the problem is. We’re still testing the mobile site out and not sure if we will continue to use it. It’s still like in beta mode, but i need feedback from our faithful viewers. thank you!


Attn: Viewers


when you see the videos containing any knowledge or history, watch it as soon as possible. someone flags all our video we post and gets them removed off of youtube. it’s been happening for some time now. they don’t want you to know.


They Are Building New Prisons For You! Wake Up!


wake up my people.


Real Talk: Is It Cool That This Little Boy Is Feeling On Grown Woman Booty?


it’s all fun and games until he starts doing it to little girls

speak on it



Confederate Flag-Loving Black Man Wants You To Say The Pledge Of Allegiance Every Day


read the letter he wrote to the huffington post below

he;s out of his damn mind


Happy New Year From!


Happy New Year to all our family and supporters! Let’s keep pushing this year! thank you all for your support! ForbezDVD


Hate Mail To Email! Read This!


The things you post on your blog page are by far the trashiest content I have ever seen. You exploit women and should be ashamed. There is a way to show tasteful images of women and you however, do it the raunchiest. This is the worst blog in the history of blogs. You should be ashamed!

doe anyone out there agree with john?

i mean i can always post songs by rappers no one cares about like these other blogs

what you think?

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