#RealTalk: Are You “Wifey” ?

#RealTalk: Are You “Wifey” ?

October 17, 2011

  When prowling the internet I come across various topics of debates and conversations. A main staple still seems to be is the term “Wifey” and what exactly seperates her from the rest.

Speak On It: @CALanaSmith Asks, How Bad Do You Want It?

September 15, 2011

HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? Written by: Lana Ave. The informal use of the word “grind,” which is to work or study laboriously, has historically been adopted by the Hip-Hop culture. We’ve taken on the pride that’s associated with working hard to get what we want and own it. However, when I look around […]

Speak On It: @Rick_Spitta Speaks On The State Of Hip-Hop

September 13, 2011

first and foremost i wanna give a shout out to doggie diamonds and mreck the whole forbezdvd for even given ppl the option to speak they mind real talk. i go by the name Rick Spitta one half of the  nicest rap duo in LMM (loyalty Money Music) Long Island New York.You probly wouldnt know […]

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