Couple Arrested For Forcing A 5 Year-Old Girl To Watch Them Having Sex!


A 26-year-old man and his girlfriend were arrested Tuesday following accusations the man told a 5-year-old girl to watch him and his girlfriend having sex, according to records obtained Wednesday.

Scott Joseph Trader and Katrina Anay Varner, 19, each were arrested on a felony lewd or lascivious exhibition charge in connection with the December incidents following an investigation by Port St. Lucie police. Trader also was arrested on a promoting a sexual performance by a child charge as part of a separate incident.

The girl, now 6, said the incident occurred during Christmas. She said it was just before Christmas because she hadn’t opened her presents. She said she didn’t want police to tell Trader, of the 4200 block of Southwest Carl Street in Port St. Lucie, because he’d be angry. The girl said she was not lying.

An ex-girlfriend of Trader’s told police of extremely inappropriate statements Trader made about the girl and about how he “fantasized” about her touching him inappropriately.

Trader said the girl on the Valentine’s Day weekend walked in as Varner and he were having sex, but said they were covered. Varner also said the girl walked in on them.

In investigating the matter, police learned of accusations that Trader made a pornographic video of himself when he was 20 having sex with a 17-year-old girl. The teen was about seven months pregnant at the time. Police reviewed the video, which was dated December 2005 and labeled “for our eyes only.”


April 12, 2012