Stacey Dash Looks Just Right? Or Just Wrong? [Pics]

By Monday, March 12th, 2012

Stacy Dash

she’s still stacey dash but she looks like she lost a lot of weight

but at 46, she still looks right to me

Stacy Dash

Stacy Dash

Stacy Dash (256)

  • http://forbezdvd g unit capo

    Now that’s a 10 u creeps what kind of ? Yall fucks asken… I’m lost!!!!

  • King1

    Wonder if she gave Dame money to start Rocafella after she did Clueless

  • Nino

    Stacy Dash is always 10 in my book, she don’t have a big ass booty but her class makes up for it.

  • Cream of Beats

    She look like Witneys crack cousin…Witty Hutton!

  • brightbright

    coke whore.