Woman Beats 10 Year Sister Unconscious Over A Bag Of Cheetos

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Posted on: 11/11/2012

Description: A 23-year-old is accused of viciously beating her little sister over a bag of Cheetos. Deby Mejia reportedly told investigators she resents her 10-year-old sister for being born and never loved her. Aside from the troubling words in documents, this case has also uncovered a pattern of alleged physical abuse. Investigators say Mejia might not have wanted to raise her 10-year-old sister. According to documents, Mejia claims she was forced into that role when she was just a teenager. She says that's when their mother was deported to Honduras in 2006. "When she got mad at her, she would punish her not very good," said one neighbor who didn't want his name used. This time documents say things got physical inside the apartment in the 9400 block of West Sam Houston Parkway. Mejia reportedly whipped the little girl with an extension cord and banged her head on the floor. Mejia was allegedly enraged when she caught her sister eating a bag a Cheetos. An upstairs neighbor says sadly punishment was not unusual. "She put her outside kneeling on rice with a bucket of water on her head," he added.