Woman Gunned Down By Stalker Ex-Boyfriend In Walmart Parking Lot

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Posted on: 11/14/2012

Description: Here’s a sad one out of Kentucky where a 46-year-old mother was gunned down in a Wal-Mart parking lot by an ex-boyfriend who had been stalking her. Police say Michelle Hahn was in the parking lot of a Hillview Wal-Mart Saturday afternoon, loading items into her car, when she was gunned down by 44-year-old Charles Fickentsher who then fled the scene. Fickentsher’s body was found shortly after in his car at McNeely Lake, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Fickentsher and Hahn had only been dating for three months before Hahn broke off the relationship three weeks prior to her death. During those three weeks, Fickentsher had reportedly been stalking Hahn. This isn’t out of the ordinary for Fickentsher, as he has a long criminal history of this kind of behavior.