Police Officer Loses His Job For Choking Suspect

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Posted on: 11/22/2012

Description: In one part, Berry tells the suspect to have a seat, and he asks him if he will take his handcuffs off. Berry takes them off. "Scott was dealing with a man who had been arrested after holding several family members at knifepoint (sic)," said Berry's attorney, Mike Storie. "This man had a history of fighting with peace officers, but part of the booking process required Scott to remove the man's handcuffs." But then you see Berry in what looks like a fighting stance and then a confrontation ensues. The suspect appears to raise his hand and Berry lunges at the man, with his hands around his neck. "After threatening the officer repeatedly the man refused to comply with verbal commands and Scott was forced to take a combative stance and eventually employ physical force," Storie said.