News Station Installs Hidden Cameras to Catch Jewelry Thief, Thief Steals The Hidden Cameras

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Posted on: 02/01/2013

Description: After three women in Nashville, Tennessee purchased a coupon on LivingSocial and hired a cleaning company to clean their homes, their expensive jewelry were stolen. With no proof, they were unable to pin the theft on Zach Jones, the owner of IGB Residential Cleaning Service. So, the women called up the NBC-affiliated WSMV, who set-up a sting operation: they installed five hidden cameras throughout a home, planted some jewelry and hired Zach and his wife (Ithaca Black-Jones) to come clean. As soon as he arrived, cameras caught home rifling through the home looking for jewelry to steal. But what was really shocking is that Zach -- who was previously convicted for theft -- stole all but one of the hidden cameras. Despite photographic proof to the contrary, Zach and his wife both deny they're thieves -- yet they are on the run from police.